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Women’s History Month

Women do great things all year round, right? Of course. However, March is Women’s History Month, a time when the world acknowledges and highlights the contributions women have made throughout history and modern-day society. In celebration of Women’s History Month, the YW hosted a panel series themed “Leadership and Generosity: a Call to Action.”

Women In Tech

Women In Tech Panel Womens History Month

This panel was filled with supportive conversation regarding technology and women working in the corporate world. We were told that technological language is constantly evolving and that programming can be difficult. However, there were three key messages highlighted by panelists: 1) Protect your brand; 2) Don’t let anyone pigeonhole you based on who you are; and, 3) You have the ability to change your story and change the world.

Local leaders

Local Leaders Womens History Month

The second panel provided great advice on leadership and generosity, storytelling, and how to make an impact in our communities. The phenomenal local women leaders expounded upon being fully present, effective, and caring about everything that you are connected with.

Young Women Leaders

Young Women's Leader WHM

The third panel focused on diverse thought leaders. The conversation caused attendees to reevaluate their perspectives on leadership and women’s roles in the media.

Women’s History Month Reception

Tish James and Student Speaker copyThe YW hosted a reception and presented a YW Woman Award to honoree New York City Public Advocate Letitia “Tish” James. James spoke about issues that our communities are facing and reminded attendees of their power to enact social change in New York City.