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High School and College Bound Initiatives

The YWCA of the City of New York offers academic and youth development programs that build skills to develop engaged, dynamic and socially responsible leaders. Our goal is to ensure that all students gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue their educational, career and life goals. We serve nearly 600 youth annually ages 14-20 in New York City.

Our high school program offerings include:

• Academic enrichment and support
• Credit bearing coursework
• College Advisement
• Career Exploration
• STEM Programming
• Arts Enrichment
• Service learning and Social Justice
• Leadership and Youth Development
• Counseling

Our programs address the following objectives:

Sharpen academic skills and increase academic knowledge. Students participate in individual academic advisement to hone their skills through tutoring, homework help, Regents and SAT test prep. We also offer under-credited students rigorous credit bearing coursework using an approach that is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standard.

Become leaders and advocates. Students participate in community service projects and gender specific empowerment groups. Their projects have included gardening, beautification murals, and creative writing projects. In addition, upperclassmen are retrained as peer mentors for freshmen transitioning into high school.

Develop social and emotional proficiency and resiliency. Students are engaged in activities designed develop social and emotional competencies while increasing self-confidence and broadening their self-concept. Through community building activities students build positive relationships with peers and adults. Students emerge equipped to live socially and emotionally healthier lives.

Explore higher education and prepare for college and beyond. College exploration and preparatory curriculum ensures that YW students engage in explicit conversations around college at all grade levels. The curriculum addresses three major themes: identifying college selection criteria, identifying characteristics of a college-ready student, and determining college-student match. Activities include college visits, information sessions, parent workshops, advisement and pre-college exposure opportunities.

Signature programs:

Geek Girls Club©
Geek Girls Club© is a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program that engages middle and high school aged girls in exploring the worlds of science and technology while building knowledge, skills and confidence within STEM fields. Collaborating with leaders in STEM education, girls are offered basic and advanced programming language training, digital media and forensic science courses, and real-world STEM application training. Girls are also exposed to professional women in STEM in a variety of industries, and attend visits to technology and science hubs, urban infrastructure centers, and science labs at universities.

Learning for Global Impact
Learning for Global Impact® (LGI) is a cultural literacy and social justice service-learning initiative for high school students that combines community service with direct reflection, academic learning, youth exchange, and travel. LGI® goals are to promote cultural, academic, cognitive and social competencies of its participants, as well as to complete a sustainable service project that addresses a community need.


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