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“Invest in us, we’ll rise to the top! Give us a little, we’ll grow a lot!” was one of many chants heard outside of City Hall on March 28, 2013. The YWCA of the City of New York, alongside Campaign for Children and many others, rallied in protest of the Mayor’s preliminary budget for fiscal year 2014 — a budget that includes $130 million in cuts to afterschool and early childhood education programs.

The proposed cuts could affect more than 47,000 children whose parents rely on the academic, emotional, and developmental support of after school programs. In addition, parents benefit from the peace of mind knowing their children are safe during the “danger zone” of 3 to 6 pm, when children are most likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and juvenile crime rates nearly triple.

The rally featured a number of presentations from City Council Members, supporters, and those most affected by the proposed cuts – children enrolled in afterschool programming. The YWCA Warriors, PS 327’s official YW step team, prepared and performed a special routine for the day.

With the support of so many individuals, organizations, and City Council members, New York raised its voice and sent a clear message to the Mayor – We need After School and Early Childhood Education programs!

Make your voice heard in support of after school and early childhood education programs by emailing the mayor and city council today.


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