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It’s cold season again, and nursing interns from Long Island University (LIU), that have partnered with the YW’s Family Resource Center of East New York (FRC-ENY), have come up with a wonderful demonstration for the kindergarten classes of the UFT Elementary Charter School in an effort to promote awareness of how germs are spread, and to stress the importance of hand washing. Interns visited classrooms, equipped with soap, water, oil, and a colored powder to show the children just how difficult it is to remove dirt from your hands without properly washing with soap for a prolonged time. Not only did the children enjoy participating in the demonstrations themselves, but the accompanying hand washing song gave them a focal point for the exercise.

The student nurses of LIU will be at the FRC-ENY each week, and in addition to demonstrations they will also be providing a variety of health screenings, workshops and other services related to health and wellness. The FRC-ENY is very proud to host the group of enthusiastic soon-to-be nurses, and the children who took part in yesterday’s demonstrations were happy to have them.