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18 November, 2016
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
New York Marriot Marquis, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 More info

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For more than four decades the SALUTE luncheon has been the premiere event for highlighting trailblazing women in business. It is one of the nation’s largest and most important tributes to professional women leaders and the companies that support them.

Congratulations to the Academy of Women Leaders, Class of 2016! Check out the amazing group of women we honored this year here →.


Monique Jeanne Morrow
Woman of Influence

Monique Morrow is the CTO New Frontiers EngMonique Morrow YWCA Luncheon 2016 Honoree Imageineering at Cisco.

Monique has a track record of co-innovating with customers, that has transcended the globe from North America, Europe and Asia.

Specialties: Networking technology; Grid, cloud computing, Intercloud-Federation, Internet of Things; M2M Security and E-Health; Semantic web; Business Development

Monique’s current focus in on the intersection between research – economics-technology to portfolio execution e.g. Circular and Exponential Economies as examples.

Synopsis of Sustainable Accomplishments

Under Cisco’s Office of the CTO, both as an individual contributor and manager, Monique built a strong leadership team in Asia-Pacific. Her specific geo-area targets were China and India. Monique’s role in these important regions drove Cisco’s globalization and country strategies and met all of her targeted goals.

Monique has consistently demonstrated the willingness and courage to take risks and explore new market opportunities for Cisco. These innate qualities are part of her DNA and are of great value to the company and all the global organizations in which she is involved.

Monique is a staunch advocate for women in technology.

2016 Woman of Influence, Monique Jeanne Morrow latest blog

Rob Spectre
Man of the Year

Rob Spectre Man of The Year Image ywcanyc.org

Rob Spectre is the leader of the developer outreach organization and New York office for Twilio, the developer platform for cloud communications.

Doing just about anything for a good laugh, Rob is an ardent supporter of open source software and creative commons art, the startup scene in New York, and every professional sports club from Boston. In addition to his work at the recently NYSE-listed company, Rob serves as an advisor to New York-based non-profits DoSomething.org, a 5 million strong youth action organization and hackNY, New York’s organization federating the next generation of software developers for the city’s innovation community.

Living and working in Brooklyn, Rob loves terrible puns, traveling around the world and playing in the startup punk band Adventure Capitalists.


Reva Wurtzburger
Grace Hoadley Dodge Community Leadership Award

Reva Wurtzburger YWCA Luncheon 2016 Honoree Image

Reva has a lifetime of volunteer involvement. She is experienced in fund-raising, in creating and sustaining effective organizational structures, and in supporting and nurturing staff at all levels. Reva and a small group of women initiated the idea for Bottomless Closet in November 1996 and she became its subsequent President when the organization opened its doors on January 19th 1999.

Previously served on the Board of Lighthouse for the Blind in the 70’s, she was one of the architects of the “Posh Sale”, which now brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. As one of the very early members of the New York Philharmonic’s Volunteer Council, Reva served as its President. She has also served on the Board of the Learning Leaders, formerly known as the New York City School Volunteers. In addition, Reva has sat on the Boards of the Rehearsal Club and The Chelsea Theater Club.

Today, Reva is proud to be the Chair Emerita of the Board of Directors of Bottomless Closet New York. She believes that one’s life is immeasurably enriched when given the opportunity and the privilege of helping another person – especially one-on-one. Reva is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Honoree Profile

What is the YW Academy SALUTE luncheon?

The luncheon is the nation’s premier tribute to women leaders in various industries and sectors. Influencers and groundbreakers in business, media, technology, law, medicine and public service are celebrated for their civic involvement, professional accomplishments and enterprising leadership.

SALUTE brings together more than 500 business professionals who represent the best of our great city.

At SALUTE, the YW honors one special woman and one deserving man with two coveted signature recognitions – the Woman of Influence and the Man of the Year awards – for demonstrating a commitment to diversity and supporting female-focused initiatives.

In addition, SALUTE celebrates the contributions of individuals and organizations that have a track record of uplifting communications through philanthropy with the Grace Hoadley Dodge Community Leadership Award

Getting Involved: Nominations and Sponsorships

Your organization can recognize incredible women leaders and high-potential talent from your company by nominating them to for the YW Academy class of 2016. In addition to joining a network of more than 3,000 women in leadership roles at global entities, participants will:

    • Represent and raise the profile of their company’s commitment to women’s equality and empowerment
    • Meet and network with hundreds of fellow leaders and professionals • Be featured in a full page advertisement in The New York Times
    • Be featured on the YW website as well as in all collateral about the event

To learn more about sponsorship and nominations, please contact Madeline Kilroe, Event Manager at ywca@thewakemanagency.com or 212-500-5953×705.


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CEO Speaker Series

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