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This year we asked the Summer Soirée Steering Committe “what historical figure would you nominate for a W Award?” as part of a special committee contest. Vote for your favorite submission by following the link to “like” it on facebook. The committee member who receives the most likes on their submission will be awarded a prize at this years Soirée!

I nominate Audrey Hepburn. Audrey is best known as an iconic actress and fashionista, and is to this day a symbol of beauty and glamour to many. However, her humanitarian work as a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF proved she had much more to offer than her looks. She dedicated years of her life to helping impoverished children in Africa, Europe and South America, and was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian for her efforts. She is the essence of the YW’s mission of empowering women and eliminating racism.

See more committee members nominations, then vote for your favorite submission. To vote, visit the YW’s Facebook page and like your favorite submission in the “Summer Soirée Committee Contest” album!