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Suzanne van de Raadt, Global Communications Manager for the Alcoa Foundation, recently joined the Women’s Empowerment Network Career Speaker Series to teach students how to leverage social media while looking for employment.

Suzanne taught students about various social media platforms with a focus on LinkedIn, one of the preeminent networks for professionals to connect. By using LinkedIn, students can share their resumes, stay in touch with colleagues, access job listings and more. Anne Alfred, Senior Director of WEN shared, “Students learned that 85 of the Fortune 100 companies use online search and social media to find and research potential job candidates. If you’re not on board, you’re missing out.” Of her experience, Suzanne noted, “It was inspiring to work with this great group of dedicated women who take such an interest in advancing their careers.”

The Women’s Empowerment Network thanks Suzanne and her colleague Malika Harrison, Community Engagement and Communications Specialist, for providing such useful, timely content to women as they improve their careers and lives. WEN also thanks the Alcoa Foundation for supporting the professional development of women in New York City. For more information about the Women’s Empowerment Network or the Career Speaker Series, please contact Kristin Dunn at kdunn@ywcanyc.org or 212.735.9708.