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22 April, 2019
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College Knowledge Camp: B.O.S.S UP! Building Our Successful Selves (B.O.S.S) UP is a 4 day experience that empowers participants to make proud and responsible decisions in their academic careersB.O.S.S UP is a paid opportunity that engages participants in conversations, activities, and experiences that explore important aspects of self-exploration, youth leadership, and social awareness. Activities will include:

–  Exploring your passions and purpose

–  Activating your inner activist 

–  Local campus tours and info sessions

–  Special youth feminist event

–  … AND MORE!

This program opportunity is open to female-identified and nonconforming youth, ages 14 – 18, in grades 9th through 11th. The deadline to apply is 4/15 @5pm. 

For more information, email Paige Padgett, Director of Girls Initiatives, at vpadgett@ywcanyc.org.

Apply by 4/15:  https://goo.gl/forms/dHW5yHtHw8AMSSMZ2

This camp flyer includes a collage of forer and current program participants. It also includes camp details such as date and time.